Sudds is a body care brand which I aimed to illustrate with soft lines and soft colors to convey the natural element of this brand. The characters help convey the fragrance for each category with the use of color blocking and by incorporating the unique botanicals
and essential oils used in the product. 
When I was designing the beard moisturizer the roundness was the first thing I wanted to focus on. By turning the beard into tangerines I was able to create a cohesive product. The second thing I kept in mind the dark orange that anchors the rest of the colors in place.
When designing the Vanilla Shampoo I focused on giving the character's hair an exaggerated amount of soap to give a buoyant feel to the shampoo.
The Lavender design stemmed purely from the round soap design from the other products, the character can be found with a lavender pin made of bubbles in her hair.
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