Ironside Computers is a computer building company based out of Austin Texas. Ironside focuses on selling top of the lines computers to a broad range of people. Ironside Computers focuses on 3 ranges of computers, Coal mine Computers, Limited Edition Computers and Sponsor Computers.
Limited Edition Computers
The Juicebox computers were a large production computer that was themed off of the cute japanese styled juiceboxes. I themed this project around how playful the colors are in japanese pop designs along with bold use of color. My focus was to make full use of the small size of the computer and design every area possible to give it the look and feel of a juicebox. On the back of the computer I included "nutrition facts" that described what hardware was being used in the computer along with a custom QR code that brought anyone who scanned it to a playlist for the computer. 

You can view the whole project HERE
Coal Mine Computers
The Moonvein Computers are artisanal one of a kind computer builds made for magic fans. The goal for the computer was to create four unique computers that paid homage to Celtic Fairy's. The themes we wanted to bring into the computer were fairy lights and wood tones to make it feel like a magical forest. The focus of the case was designed around the wing of a fairy, we laser cut wood and filled the design with colored resin afterwards to achieve a mystical fairy panel.

You can view the whole project HERE
Sponsor Computer; NerdECrafter
Nerd E Crafter is a sponsor I worked on, the theme of the computer comes from a video game called Pokémon and a character from it called Bulbasaur. She requested multiple themes; Bulbasaur, Steampunk and salt shakers which is part of her brand. I used the natural tones of the character and designed them around metallic textures to create a realistic theme that tied it all together.
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