I had the opportunity to work for Newell Brands, where I was responsible for layout and packaging design across various business units. This role afforded me the opportunity to work on a variety of iconic brands, including Oster, Sunbeam, Nuk, Graco, and Century products.
Home Appliance Team
Xpert Series Blender
The Xpert Series Blenders are an HPP blending product. I worked on Ideating the project from start to finish by conceptualizing layout, the recipes included and how everything will work together. Once the concepting was complete I created the shotlist and communicated with the photography studio to accomplish the assets needed. I assured that all the shots were taken according to the shotlist and answered any question regarding the shots. In addition I worked closely with the LATAM team to assure all recipes and copy was correct in translation to create cohesive packaging.
Holmes to Bionaire
The objective of the Holmes to Bionaire project was to transition the brand identity from Holmes to that of Bionaire. The caveat with this project was the brand design needed to be made for the market we were aiming for which I was leading this project. Through the use of color and typography, I achieved a refreshing aesthetic that captivated consumers but also ensured our products stood out on the shelves, inviting potential customers with open arms.
Baby  Team
NUK For Nature
NUK for Nature marked a strategic departure from NUK's previous packaging approach, prioritizing eco-friendly materials and practices. I was entrusted with the responsibility of conceptualizing a fresh and compelling packaging design that aligns seamlessly with this environmentally conscious direction. Our overarching objective was to cultivate an inviting and distinctive aesthetic that would distinguish our brand prominently among its competitors on the store shelves.
*While I have a significant amount of recent work, it should be noted that some of my work is currently under NDA and has not yet been released to the market.
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